"top best meatless protein foods list for weight loss"

"protein foods list for weight loss"

  "top best meatless protein foods list for weight loss"
Veg protein sources

Best veg protein-rich food sources

Hello, guys today we will discuss some best meatless protein food sources which we can consume in our daily life without any hesitation.
So let's get started!

Peanut butter 

Peanut or peanut butter, which gives you a large amount of protein to your body. Try to eat this delicious peanut butter on your toast to get an extra protein of about 8 grams per 2 teaspoons of protein in your breakfast. It can also be used in smoothies. Also, try adding peanuts to your salads, curries, gravy etc.

Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is a protein powerhouse, but you probably want to eat 100 grams to serve half of your protein needs and other paneer are also a good source of calcium, so you are not only helping to meet your protein requirements; You are getting a good amount of calcium.


Who does not like walnuts? We all do. One-quarter cup walnut will add approximately 4.5 grams of protein to your smoothie, not to mention the healthy amount of potassium and energy-rich magnesium amounts. Whenever you get hungry or you add it to your salad and beauty all day, then take them as snacks.

Soya chinks

Meat options from soybeans are full protein. This means that they have all the essential amino acids. A 3.5-ounce serving of soya chunks contains more than 54 grams of protein. It is more than the serving size of meat and eggs. Steam them and mix them in rice or gravy.

Greek curd                 
  "top best meatless protein foods list for weight loss"
Veg protein food sources

It is low in calories and almost doubly protein is in the form of a regular cup of curd. Use it as a substitute for sour curd and also with fruits. About 6 grams of containers contain 15 grams of protein.


Beans such as kidney beans, red beans, black beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, etc. are great protein sources and are also low in calories. It regulates sodium in your diet and gives 12 grams of protein from 1 cup. You can try many recipes with them. Usually, we make lentils and curries but they can be soaked overnight to make the taste better, boiled and spiced.


Quinoa is rich in protein and cholesterol is very low. A cup of quinoa can give you 8g protein. It is also rich in fiber and iron. Use it instead of porridge or instead of rice.


In 1 cup fat-free milk, you get 8 grams of protein. Milk can be an excellent replacement of water in your smoothing, apart from that you can also add fruits as they complement the milk very well.

Chia seeds

Chia seed is such a powerhouse! They are filled with per-table-spoon fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and about 4 grams of protein. They are an easy way to add proteins to their diet because they do not need to grind opposite flax seeds in order to obtain nutrients. More: The Best Benefits of Chia Seeds


Each cup oats provides 11 grams of protein. Grind them into a thick paste and mix with apple puree and milk. Load your smoothing with an extra dose of protein with oats!


Flax seeds provide 2 gm of spoon per powder to its powder. To add to the walnut punch, they can be added to their regular swabs of any flavor. Buy them full for maximum shelf life and use the coffee grinder to get their full nutritional value.

  "top best meatless protein foods list for weight loss"
Protein foods

Coconut gratings or milk you can supplement with 5 grams of protein per cup! Add it to your smoothing instead of milk/liquid. It also adds to taste.


It can be a great snack that comes in low-fat form and is also rich in calcium. Its ½ cup can give 13g protein. You use it in creamy dishes or with vegetables and salads.


So, finally guys I can say you that you can consume the above sources of veg food in your daily lifestyle and can get protein intake up to some extent.
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