protein rich food veg in india

protein-rich food veg in India

protein rich food veg in india
protein foods

Hello, In this article we will discuss the protein-rich food veg in India which they can include in their daily diet which ultimately helps them in their protein needs. So I am onkar Mehta and you are reading the article of my website mehtajifitness, so, let's get started.


As we know protein is very important for our body as it is responsible for all our muscle mass and many other functions of the body. But high protein comes from non-veg sources like chicken, fish, eggs, etc, but the vegetarians cannot take this non-veg sources so that's why I am writing this article about top 7 high protein foods for vegetarians so that they can also get high-quality protein for their protein intake needs.

protein rich food veg in india
high protein

protein-rich food veg in India

In the first position, I will prefer Greek yogurt. Half a cup of Greek yogurt maybe plain or flavored has 10 grams of protein. But you should go for plain yogurt instead of flavored yogurt as you know flavored yogurt is high in sugar. So you should include yogurt in your diet and can have 10 grams of protein from it.

In the second position, I will prefer lentils. I want to say that one cup of Lentils has something around as much protein as a chicken at 18 grams.

In the third position, I will prefer chickpeas. And you know one cup of chickpeas has around 15 grams of protein. You can also roast your chickpeas as it will be a crunchy snack and with 15 grams of protein that is much healthy. It may be a great way to get protein without the added fat of salty crunchy peanuts.

protein rich food veg in india
foods rich in protein

In the fourth position, I will prefer Quinoa. And you know one cup of cooked quinoa gives you around 8 grams of high-quality protein and it may be an easy substitute for pasta in a salad. You may use this in cookies or you may use it as a warm breakfast serial in place of oatmeal.

In the fifth position, I will prefer almonds. Almonds contain healthy fat as well as omega 3 along with high-quality protein. 1 oz serving of almonds will give you some grams of protein and also you can make it as a mid-day snack.

In the sixth position, I will prefer Green peas. 1 cup of green peas will give you 8 grams of high-quality protein along with fiber .so you should include Greenpeace in your daily diet as it can give you 8 grams of protein along with high-quality fiber.

In the 7th position, I will prefer chia seeds. As you know chia seeds are a nutrition powerhouse. It can provide folk dance of high-quality protein in just 1 oz serving. One thing I want to tell you that it also provide 11 grams of fiber and more calcium than 3 glasses of milk.

You can add it in smoothies fruits and it will easily be absorbed by a body and it is tasteless. So you should include chia seeds in your daily diet like in smoothies soups as you know it has high-quality protein along with fiber and is a good calcium source.

protein rich food veg in india
protein-rich food veg in India


At last, I would like to say that you should include all the above-stated food sources in your daily diet. As you know these are the vegetarian sources for getting high-quality protein.

Open should include these food sources who are vegetarians or even non-vegetarian can also include these high-quality protein food sources.

Thank you so much for reading this article on the protein-rich food veg in India

Let's meet in the next article thank you so much, have a nice day.

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