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full form of crpf, crpf salary
full form of crpf

Full form of CRPF

The full form of CRPF is the central reserve police force. And for your kind information, I would like to tell you that it is the largest central armed police forces in India. And it works under the ministry of home affairs of the government of India. 

Role of CRPF

And now we will discuss its primary goal. So its primary goal is to assist the state and union territory governments in maintaining law and order in their territories. Along it, the other roles of CRPF includes crowd and riot control, protection of VIP's and vital installation such as airport and powerhouses, to counter Naxal and insurgency operations, to spot armed forces during the war, and also to provide security during elections in sensitive areas, and to participate in UN peacekeeping mission, along with these goals it it also conduct rescue and relief operations during natural calamities or disaster, etc.

History of CRPF in brief

Now we will discuss the history of CRPF in brief which is discussed below:

The name CRPF is mainly derived from the Crown Representative's Police (CRP) which was founded on 27 July 1939 to protect the British people who are living in the sensitive states of India.

And in 1949 the CRP was renamed as CRPF under the CRPF Act.

On 21 October there is a police commemoration day to honor the martyrdom of the soldiers. Because on October 21, 1959, a small CRPF patrol was attacked by the Chinese soldiers and 10 out of the 20 CRPF soldiers sacrificed their lives for the country. So to give owner to the soldiers we have on 21 October, a police commemoration day.

Most of the state police battalion was merged with CRPF in the 1960s.

CRPF was guarding the India Pakistan border until 1965 and later on, BSF was deployed to guard the border.

CRPF played an important role in curbing militant activities in Punjab during 1980 and insurgency in Tripura during the 1990s.

And for your kind information, I would like to tell you that in 1986 the first Mahila battalion in CRPF, the 88(M) Bn was established to handle women agitations.

CRPF killed all the five terrorists involved in the Indian parliament attack in 2001. And in the same year, it was designated as the premier internal security force of India.

To counter Naxal operation a specialized unit of CRPF was established which is named as commando battalion for resolute action {coBRA} in 2008.

What is the crpf salary?

The average annual salary for police constable in CRPF is 3.5 lacs rupees in India. The salary estimates are based on the four CRPF salaries received from various employees of CRPF.

full form of crpf, crpf salary
full form of crpf

Can a girl join CRPF?

CRPF gives an opportunity to those who have part 8 standard up to graduates.and for your kind information women can also get entries in some categories of CRPF department. The selection board of Central police organizations selected the officer of CRPF through the various competitive exams, medical tests, interviews, and physical tests, etc.


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