full form of computer

full form of computer

The full form of computer is a common operating machine particularly used for technology education and research.

C- commonly
O- operating
M- machine
P- particularly
U- used for
T- technology
E-education and
T- research
Full form of computer
Full form of computer

A computer is defined as a programmable electronic device that is designed to accept data and perform mathematical and logical operations at a high speed and also display the results of these operations.

Unlike a calculator, it can store a program and retrieve the information from its memory as output and displayed the information using output devices.

And most of the computers are digital today, which means they can perform operations with quantity is represented as binary digit 0 and 1 electronically.

Types of the computer:

Computers are generally classified by its power and size which is as follow:

Personal computer (PC): it is a small and a single user computer which is based on a microprocessor.

Minicomputer: it is a multi-user computer which is capable of supporting up to hundreds of the user simultaneously.

Workstation: it is a powerful and a single-use computer.it is like a personal computer but it has a more powerful microprocessor and a higher-quality monitor.

Supercomputer: supercomputer is an extremely very fast computer that can perform hundreds of millions of instructions per second.

Mainframe: mainframe is a powerful multi-user computer which is capable of supporting many hundreds or thousands of user simultaneously.

A computer is made up of multiple parts and components that it gives the facility of user functionality.

A computer has two primary categories which are as follow:

Hardware: it is a type of physical structure that houses a computer processor-memory communication ports storage and peripheral devices.

Software: it includes operating systems and software applications.

And a computer works with software programs that are sent to its underlying hardware architecture for interpretation and execution and for reading purposes.

 computers are classified according to capacity, size, computing power, mobility, and other factors as a desktop computer, personal computer, minicomputer, laptop computer, handheld computer, and supercomputer.

Full form of computer
Full form of computer

Generally, a computer is equal to ALU + CU

That is a computer is equal to the Arithmetical logic unit + control unit.

ALU is used in arithmetic and logical operations.

CU: used to change the order of the operations in response to the stored information.

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