full form of led

full form of led

The full form of LED stand for light emitting diode.
LED is a PN junction diode which emits light when it get activated, and it is used in a lot of electrical and electronic devices now a days so we can say that it is very important electronic device forever daily needs.

And LED is a two lead semiconductor source of light.
LED is mostly used in electronic testing equipments watches calculators radios TV and many more electrical equipments.

Full form of LED
Full form of LED

Full form of LED:

E- Emitting

As we know, led is the marketing term used to sell the devices like mobile, tab, TV, laptop, consoles, computers, etc.

LED is equals to LCD + LED, it requires a light source to be lit, But,

OLED is equals to OLED, requires no light source on the back.

If we talk about few years back, where are normal fluorescent lamps which word in used to produce pure white light when LED was not developed to produce desired colour temperature efficiency lumens per area and heat dissipation but,

 After the development of the LEDs, CFL are also replaced inside your devices for the reason as more battery life for laptop, tabs and phones.

More lumens in contact and new age devices like infinity display and narrow bazel TVs, laptops and phones.

And one more advantage is that it has consistent colour temperature over a long period of time.

So we can say that led d is proved to be a all rounder revolutionary product as compared to CFL in the field of light source because its lamps are very economical and long lasting as well as energy efficient.

we can say that it is almost 80% energy efficient as compared to CFL bulb. And now a days we use 7 watt for a 9 watt LED bulbs in our houses because it is very energy efficient it can save a lot of electricity bill as compared to an ordinary CFL bulb.

Full form of LED
Full form of LED

Let us talk about some more benefits of LED in points:

LED is energy efficient. So LED require very less power.

LED does not produces heat and so it reduces the cooling loads also.

LED is is an environment friendly light emitting diode.LED lights does not contain lead Mercury or cadmium so they are non toxic also.And the enhanced use of LED light can reduce carbon emission.

LED offers better picture quality as compared to LCD. LED have allowed video displays,and sensors to be developed.

LED have their high switching rates. So it can be useful in advance communication technology also.

LED needs very low maintenance cost and it require very low recycling charges also.


Working of LED

When a suitable voltage is applied to the LED, then due to this,the electron recombine with electron holes and release energy in the form of photons.
And this effect is called electroluminescence.

And with the help of energy band gap of the semiconductor, the colour of LED light is determined.

Thank you so much for reading this article about the full form of LED.

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