What is full form of NASA

What is full form of NASA

The full form of NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA was created by the national aeronautics and space Act in the year of 1958. NASA has the mission to pioneer the future in space exploration aeronautic research and scientific discovery, as an agency of the United States government. So, NASA mainly concentrates its efforts in two main areas which are space exploration and other is civilian and military aerospace research programs.

What is full form of NASA
What is full form of NASA

NASA is very conscious in the area of disaster management. And we know that correct forecasts and predictions of natural phenomena are very important to allow for proper evacuation and damage mitigation strategies. So NASA provides important data from its satellite missions NASA works with other North American organizations to prevent and mitigate the consequences of a natural disaster.

As we know, NASA is the most reputed space agency in the world. And NASA has conducted many space programs. And the space programs include manned and unmanned.

The experimental rocket-powered aircraft programs started by NACA were also extended by NASA as a support for manned spaceflight.

And as we know there are many innovations which are innovated by the NASA day by day till now.

And the vision of NASA is to discover and expand the knowledge for the benefit of human mankind.

The headquarters of NASA is in Washington and across the United States, it has 10 centers. Along with it has 7 workplaces for testing and studying space and earth.

Most of the space exploration efforts have been led by NASA space missions maybe the Apollo moon landing mission for the Skylab Space station and the space shuttle, etc.

What is full form of NASA
What is full form of NASA

And now currently NASA is supporting the International Space station and is overseeing the development of the space launch system and commercial crew vehicles.

What is full form of NASA and ISRO?

The full form of NASA stands for National aeronautics and space administration whereas ISRO stands for the Indian Space research organization. ISRO is also a space agency but it works for Indian space missions.

Who is the CEO of NASA?

As you know NASA is a US government agency and hence it does not have any CEO. However, the executive head of NASA is called NASA administration. And the current administration is Robot m lightfoot junior.

How much is NASA worth?

The NASA budget for 2016 is 19.3 billion dollars.
And out of 3.95 trillion dollars in federal spending.
so the US devotes about 0.5 % of its budget to all things which are space-related.

How many jobs does NASA provide?

At NASA there are more than 17000 people who are working in it. And many people work with the agency as government contractors. and these people are hired by companies that NASA pays to do work.

What is full form of NASA

What does NASA's logo mean?

The design incorporates a reference to a different aspect of the mission of the national aeronautics and space administration. That is is the round shape of the insignia represents our planet and the stars represent space along with it the red V-shaped vector represents aeronautics.

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