Real steel full movie in hindi download mp4moviez

 Real steel full movie in hindi mp4moviez

Real steel full movie in hindi download mp4moviez
Real steel

Here, is detailed info of the real steel full movie in Hindi mp4moviez.

Real steel full movie Information:-

Movie Name: Real steel full movie in Hindi mp4moviez
Duration: 2h 7min
Starring: Hugh Jackman Dakota Goyo Evangeline Lilly Anthony Mackie
Release Date: 07 Oct 2011
Genre: Action Drama Family Sci-Fi Sport

The detailed story of  Real steel full movie in Hindi mp4moviez

 The review of the movie "Real Steel". 

Charlie as a boxer was the top contender number two in the world, Then the fight game changed MAX!! This is what I'm talking about We can win, can't we? We'll see Real steel is a 2011 American science-fiction sports film directed by Shawn Levy He is a Canadian director, producer, and actor. 

His directing credits include Night At The Museum Series The Arrival and Stranger Things on Netflix The story based on a short story called "Steel" written by Richard Matheson Real Steel is about the world in the future when people get bored of normal boxing. They want the fight to be more intense which is beyond human ability so they create a similar sport using robots instead of humans.

The film follows Charlie Kentonplayed by Hugh Jackman who was a boxer when people boxing still popular So, with his love in boxing, he turns himself to be a robot boxer and... of course by controlling it and then his ex-girlfriend died so he has to take care of his son, Max Along the journey, Max and Charlie don't get along well And at this point, Levy pulls out the conflict between father and son causes by their loose relationship And later on, they manage to be a good team And a robot named 'Atom' plays an important role to bring these two come closer.

 What I like about this movie, first of all, is the camera technique really helps to emphasize character emotions It helps the viewer to get to know more about character and next is about the relationship development between two main characters, Charlie and Max, that become tighter as the movie plays BUT there is one thing you know...it's just like too simple It is the plot is too cliche T o o   c l I c he . . . It's predictable You can tell what's going to happen next BUT it's still very very good It's still emotional and touching It may leave you with the tears of joy at the end of the movie The message I've got after watching Real Steel, 

First of all, the message about believing in yourself You have to believe that you can do it You have to believe in yourself Along the journey, it may not be a bed of roses but, in the end, no matter what the result is at least you have tried And, moreover, the message about accepting who you are accepting what you love Trying to run away from who you really are is like trying to get rid out of your own shadow which is impossible, right? So once you can accept who you really accept this is what you love you will become the best version of yourself. 

So I will give I  w I l l  g I v e . . . A minus And even though you are not the big fan of an action movie but please do not judge it by its name or its trailer because it has more than that I cannot deny that there are several scenes that contain action scene BUT there are also other scenes that will make you fall in love with this movie And I hope that my review will help you to make a decision to watch it or not but please let give it a try and you will not be regret Thank you.

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