Avengers endgame full movie download in hindi filmymeet

 Avengers endgame full movie download in hindi filmymeet

 Avengers endgame full movie download in hindi filmymeet
 Avengers endgame

Hello everyone the time has come this is our avenger's endgame full movie download in Hindi filmymeet review.

 I can assure you that I'm not gonna do a recap of this movie Dennis I think we're just gonna jump right into it. So what do you think? Oh, I absolutely loved it as someone who grew up reading comic books and reading specifically this Infinity Gauntlet storyline in the comics and seeing how it's being translated and adapted to Their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I was very satisfied with what they did and they built up a lot I loved infinity war, but I came in with a lot of apprehension Because of the stuff they set up but in my mind, it paid off In a very satisfying way, I will agree with the very end of what you said I think I'm at the point where I liked it a lot and I'm teetering on the edge of Loving it, and you know when I tweeted last night I will probably say that the initial tweet after seeing Avengers end game might be one of the most difficult Twitter reactions I've ever written because when I say the movie was a lot I mean it is a lot it's the culmination Of a 22 film arc. It's a three-hour movie There are so many key characters in the play the way that the story is structured is it's truly Mind-bending so walking away and having like a split second reaction.

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It's a challenge I'm still not in love it territory and I think it's simply because The first hour of the movie it took a little while to get going I think what we see before the title card is very strong, but what comes after it? It's very talked heavy and I think the dialogue is spot-on It just took me a little longer than I would have liked to really connect and feel the momentum of the movie No, see I actually like that. I like that it has a different pace than any war was very like Okay, we're here.

Okay now a bunch of kinds of stuff happening or over here about where this one's like They have to fully realize and take in What happens in the last movie and I like the slow build and yes there's probably a point in the middle where it gets a little bit slower and a little more repetitive, but- Not enough for me to dig into too much I mean, it's a slight criticism, but for me, it's like where they end up I'm thoroughly happy with seeing that's the thing. That's really kind of messing with my head right now Is that at the moment when I was sitting there in the theater?

I was thinking to myself I'm not connecting with these characters and this mission as much as I would have expected to at this point but After seeing it and having let's say 12 hours to be removed from it to actually take a step back and see the bigger picture That stuff that I say is slow You need it in order to have the payoff at the end. And oh wow that payoff I mean really my mind is truly blown by the architecture behind this whole cinematic universe and in particular, when it comes to Infinity war and the end game narratives that build is just so incredibly well earned, it is not easy to craft a cinematic event like this and not have it simply feel like Oh, Fan service here. Remember when that happened? No.

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 Look at this character They earn every single moment in the story that they crafted here justifies it Yeah when you mention that there is a lot in this movie to unpack and but because the Russo brothers did such a good job and also the screenwriters as well of Weaving all the storylines and characters all into play it feels seamless to me and like you wouldn't think overall these movies with all these characters and What not they would be able to do it. But I Congratulate them.

 I'm not convinced. It's seamless yet but the conversation that we were having After we had seen the movie when we started to put all the pieces together and started to string all the events together in particular It is it's it is very very satisfying. I think after your second watch. I think you will be back on here Or actually on our spoilers review you'll possible you're gonna be like, I'll I know where you're going with this. Yes, I think I think a second watch you may turn that that really really like into love it's totally possible and there is something about investing yourself in 10 years worth of storytelling and then sitting here for the movie titled endgame a Feeling that I will never forget and then the feeling that it left me within the end I mean,

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I mean it justified these intense connections that I have with so many of these characters because similar to franchises like DC and Star Wars this is something that kind of seeps into your life in a very Different way than let's say just a single movie and not to say that a single movie can't have Major meaning for someone out there But to have lived with this for so long and to feel personally connected to these characters and to basically feel in real life what they reference in the movie the fact that they're Family that that's what this feels like to me and that's what that ending felt like and wow.

Wow, did they stick that landing? Yeah, I mean I grew up on all three Star Wars Marvel DC and so for me like, you know all these things I hold dear where I think some people especially the younger generation today They Star Wars for them is not their thing and they haven't connected to something some have but the MCU, in Particular, has resonated with them and they have connected with these characters in these storylines and so I feel like a lot of people are going to Get That payoff that they were looking for at the end of this movie. Yeah This one was heavily focused on the original six And it's not even just that they had more time this time around they had very well fleshed out arcs that serve this Individual movie on its own very well Obviously you need the events of in front anymore to get that but I thought it worked really well in this particular film and the way that it connects to Everything that's happening in this franchise is just something else and I am very very impressed that they pulled it off From the visual perspective this movie looks different in a number of different ways There are certain sequences with different color palettes that really stuck out to me

But I'm talking not even scenes or sequences I'm talking about single Frames that when you see that visual and you pair it with that score there is something about it that gives you chills goosebumps however you want to put it there's a number of those but there's one in particular and I'm very eager for other people to find it when they see the movie, but it meant a lot to Review And that was a great shot actually I think my favorite show is a few a couple minutes before that and I think I know what you're talking about. So, yeah This movie definitely has it. It's weird It has a similar tone to infinity war but also different at the same time It's still true to what was built. But obviously, with what happens in there There is you know more somber tone. Like you said the color palette is a less bright darker, but it does still have the Action the humor and emotion.

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There's yeah there were several Emotional moments throughout the movie that I was like, oh my god. You know what? The more I talk about it the more I am You know, I'm still hesitant to use the word love yet until I watch it again But I'm teetering on that and it's all it's not just because of the in the moment experience of watching the movie It's also because of the conversation that comes after it. I really do think that they hit a great balance between having just enough comedy keeping that somber tone so that you maintain the stakes that were another thing that I was very impressed by because you know after the snap happened we were constantly talking about like How are we gonna get the rest of the MCU and ever have it feel like that? The moment had stakes and without kind of you know glossing over that and making it meaningless when Yuri watch infinity war, they handle it in an A-plus way that worked for me.

So well, yeah, I was concerned that it would retroactively Make infinity war a worse movie in a sense. I don't know if that's possible for some people but like, you know So I 'm glad that I was able to get out there satisfied not with endgame but also with infinity war I'm gonna give it a 9.5. I'm not sure what I gave infinity war. I think was around the same vein I think I'm coming in at an 8.5 right now an 8.5 out of 10 Which is it's still a very high score.

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I liked this movie a lot again I give it that score because I found it a little slow to start but then when it ramps up it freak intakes off and it flies and I Really? I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I really can't get over how satisfied I was in the end and how it made me feel the fact that a franchise like this can be Constructed in a way that makes you feel a part of it in a way like obviously, these are characters and battles that we're watching happening on the big screen We're not really in the mix. But this kind of connection to a group of characters feels a little different than pretty much most other franchises out there and you know to have this movie is something special to have a cinematic event like this is Really kind of unheard of and I do think that any kind of franchise that wants to achieve something similar avengers endgame pulling this off with 22 films is a great model to follow not a copy and paste but if You want to look at something that really built over the course of ten years This is something else.

Yeah, I mean they looked at it like it was a high budget big-budget vision series and they had a They knew where they were going and so they know obviously There's gonna have things you have to change along the way but they knew what their endpoint was one other thing before we close This out I think another thing that makes this such a powerful franchise and such a powerful concluding chapter to something that will obviously continue but is The fact that you could feel the love for these characters It's not just about putting these stories on the big screen and wowing us with VFX anymore.

They created fully Developed layered characters that are people and you could tell like the love for those characters and what they're experiencing is Radiating off the screen from Kevin Feige and everybody underneath them I mean you felt it in the room for the premiere and you feel it when you watch these movies you saw it in infinity Where I think but you really see it at the end of endgame, so I will leave it at that All right.

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