Nuka world power plant

Nuka world power plant 

Nuka world power plant
Nuka world power plant 

Hello, In this article we will discuss all about the Nuka world power plant. So, let's get started.

What's up guys... In this case, I still haven't finished the main story-line of Fallout 4, yet. So my plan is to do that before fallout 76 is fully released. But nevertheless, I'm back and we're getting ready to fully take back Nuka World by commandeering the power plant and turning on the power. Anyway, once we turn on the power, I'll be able to unlock another building location as well Okay. So, as you can see, I have four points to spend. I've been looking over this list quite a bit. I've got pretty much everything I really want, to be honest. So, what I think I might do is pick up this ricochet perk. This looks really interesting, especially at the higher levels. I mentioned I wanted to pick this one up a few episodes back. 

Nuka world power plant power armor

So, I think I've got exactly the amount of points I need because we need one more point of luck. So, let me go ahead and pick that up. And then, pick up these three. Okay, this is gonna be kind of interesting. Okay, then let's go over and talk to Harvey, and see if he's got something to say. That him right there? Awesome! Where are your clothes? I swear, I didn't take her clothes. Ha-ha! Sweet! Awesome! Heh-heh! I Wonder if I can reverse pickpocket her and put clothes on her. That'd be funny. Alright, I won't bother with that right now. Let's head over to the power plant. I guess I could probably activate this quest as well. Oh, it's already activated, yup. sweet! Okay, here we are. 

Nuka world power plant Key

All right, I'm just gonna take a quick swing around the place to make sure... Make sure there's nothing to miss. Rad-Rat pup? Heh, Okay. Oh, he's just sleeping over there. Don't need to kill him. Okay, I don't think there's anything really around here I need to see. Let's go ahead and head over the entrance. All right, let's do this! Tell you what Cait... I always like scouting ahead. We got a ghoul over there. Oh, We got a bunch of...Ooh, that's a grenade situation right there. See if I can get some cryo grenades. Oh, It's legendary! Awesome! Heh, the noise set him off. Gotta love that penetrator perk. 

Oh, they're all coming out now. It's like The Walking Dead. Excellent! All right, you know what? I have the sensitivity set kind of low because of my settlement building. So, let me set it back to regular, and you'll also be able to see, I have this on the very hard setting. All right! As you can see there, let's set the sensitivity up a little bit. Good, good. Okay, let's see what this guy's got. Eh, I'll give it to a settler. That skeleton was moving! Heh-heh. If you guys are sort of new to me... Walkthroughs, I like to do a lot of looting. Hopefully, it doesn't bother people too much. You know, it's a good way to save on... Buying more resources, or building supplies. Also, sometimes they have little decorations n' stuff. Okay, let's go get Cait. 

Nuka world power plant security key

Kind of a big place! I'm keeping an eye out for factoid opportunities as I roam. Oh, I love being a stealth character. Heh. Look at that, a Jangles. What's up Jangles? So, we can go that way, we can go this way. Oh, same... I Know I make the game look a little easy, but my character is such a badass! The only reason I don't play on survival, it's just cuz I love fast traveling. Couldn't do without that. It's the one thing that turned me off from survival. Otherwise, I would. Too bad there isn't something in between very hard and survival like extreme or something, you know? Okay. So, I guess it's up these stairs. 

All right, I was wondering if I was gonna be able to give you guys any factoids in this episode. But finally, I think I have one here for you. So, see this breadbox here, right? These are also called bread bins in England. Anyway, most people nowadays just put their loaf in the fridge, you know? But there was a time when these things were very common especially in the 1950s, 60s era. Before preservatives were put into commercial bread products. Bread going stale was a concern, and it happens as a result of the starches in the bread crystallizing. The working theory was that bread crystallizes faster in the fridge because of the cooler temperatures, and lower humidity. 

Fallout 4 Nuka world power plant Key

For me, I just put my bread in the fridge and it seems to keep it just fine. I knew you were gonna say that, Cait. Uh-Oh! I bet we disturbed a little easter egg that was right here. A couple of teddy bears with hard hats on, or something. Oh well. Whoa! Pff! Look at that. Love being a stealth character. Heh. Yeah, it didn't even know we were up here. Okay. So, probably we're supposed to jump down there. Let me just check around the corner here and see what we got. Awesome! More stimpacks for my never-ending supply of them. As you could see from my gameplay, I very rarely need to use any stimpacks. I've got like... Yeah, I have 1,435. That's just insane! You know what? I'm gonna quicksave here. 

Where is Nuka world power plant

I think we're just supposed to jump down here. Unless we've already been here. Oh, yeah, we did. We just went through that way instead of this way. Unless we've already been here before. Have I already been here before? No, it doesn't look familiar. Cool! New area. I think we're on the right track. Sometimes when you see things like a microscope, and you wonder why I'm not giving a factoid about it. It's because I've given factoids about a lot of this stuff in past episodes. So, don't want to repeat anything. Oh, look at that. That's cute. A sloth toy holding a Nuka-cola quantum. Awesome! Kind of a mini easter egg sort of, I don't know. 

Okay, I bet that's a dude right there. Yep! Sho' Nuff! Let's go this way first before we go back down. Okay, that's probably where we're supposed to go right there. Oh, look at that one. Awesome! That was fun. Let's see what he's got! I keep getting these things. Don't really need them. See if we can squeeze back here without taking too many rads. Don't need anything from over there. Oh, look at that guy. He just walked right past Cait. That's crazy! What are you doing Cait? You could have shot him. He's like, "I'm gonna just ignore this guy just like he's ignoring me" Okay. So, let's see where this door goes. I think it might go back to... Yeah, I can open that one. I got enough ranks for it. Yeah, it just goes back to this other room. Okay, that's cool. Got the XP though. 

Fallout 4 Nuka world power plant

Okay. So, we can go down, or we can go up. Let's go up real quick. Okay, that's about it over here. So, let's go ahead and hop down. Or we could just go down here. Let's see what's back here first. Body parts. Oh, there's another legendary I missed. Not doing so good on the cool legendary items. Haven't found a really great one in a while. But that's okay. Sweet! Overdue book. Wow! It keeps going. Alright, let me see what's in here real quick. Oh, I got lucky there. Oh, look at that. X-01 armor. Awesome! Excellent! Nice little stash here. Okay, I am gonna pull the fusion core out of that. And come back for that. I could just tell Caitto put it on, but I'll just come back for it. 

Where is the key to the Nuka world power plant

Okay. Awesome! Well, let's swing around here. Oh, look at that! I see a dude up there. Let's snipe him real quick. Fantastic! Okay, let's keep rolling. It's too much fun. We definitely woke up some people in there. Okay, sweet! Cool! Grab some plasma grenades. I was starting to get low on grenades. In fact, let me see how many I have left. I have one cryo grenade left. So, let's go ahead and switch over to those. ...Keep rolling I think we're going the right way. Okay. So, it goes up, or through this door. Let's get Cait to do that real quick. Oh, Cait. Never the nag. Well, this thing is interesting. I think I might be able to give you a factoid about this. So, to me, this thing looks like a forklift. Forklifts actually originated before World War I. Their development was accelerated as a result of the war. And by World War II, they were used to hoist military equipment onto trains and ships.

Nuka world power plant location

 It wasn't until the 1980s; however, that safety of the machine was considered. Such as, you know, like the center of gravity and more advanced hydraulics. It always amazes me when it comes to product design, that the cost is usually factored over safety. Until the injuries start rolling in to facilitate changes. But I guess that's the industry for ya'. All right. So, let's keep going. I think we're going up. Keep going down and then going back up again. So, it's got me a little confused. But I think this is the right way. And back down again. Look at that. No, that failed. Look at that! That is hilarious! Shoot them Cait, what are you doing? Okay, we took a little damage there cuz he came up from behind me. You sneaky, sneaky! Okay. So, let's heal some of those rads real quick. Got a couple of mutant hound chops. Oh, I know what I should be eating right now. This is what I'll do, actually. Let me use a radaway. And then eat some squirrel stew. That's what I should have done earlier. Awesome! That should be good enough for now. Okay. So, down, or this way? Let's see how far this goes. 

Nuka-world power plant

Oh, interesting. Okay, let's check it out. Okay. So, that's probably where we want to go up. So, let's go down here first. Look at this thing. I wish that we had this available in our workshops. I mean, why couldn't they have just added that? And it's such a cool little piece there. Look at that! I Bet that got blasted off the shelf or something. I almost missed it too. Nuka-Power recipe. I think it might be the last one, I haven't collected. Awesome! Bet that opens up, but we'll just get Cait to do it. These are always good settlement items to collect. Sweet! Good job, Cait. Oh, that's a good little stash there. Alright, let's see what's on this computer. Meltdown! So, I think the second half of this note here is implying what is known as an NDA. Or a non-disclosure agreement. It's meant to silence worker disclosure of private corporate information. You know, you probably hear that term in the news a lot. 

Nuka world power plant key location

Trump likes to have people sign NDA's. Here's an interesting factoid. California courts usually favor the worker in most lawsuits over the corporations above and beyond most other state judicial decisions. You know, for some reason, California seems to get more worker rights than most other states. All right, let's keep rolling. Ha-ha. Someone else noticed that N.I.R.A was going haywire. And if you guys see any factoids I might have missed in any of these, you know, be sure to leave a comment down below in the After-Skooled Club. Time and a fifth? It's a pretty great deal? Well, these guys were cheapskates! Usually, it's either time and a half, or double pay. Okay. So, let's go ahead and hit up that ladder. See what's upstairs. Okay, we're back out again. Cool! Alright. So, let me switch over to these. I'll give Cait a few things before I start chewing on some aid items. 

Nuka world power plant control room key

That should be good for now. Cool view! It's all rainy though. Let's see what's going on down this little pipe. Oh, awesome! Another little easter egg. Look at that! That is funny. What is he doing? Hitting baseballs at this guy? That is great! I'm gonna have to save this for one of my Naughty Teddy Bear episodes. If you haven't seen those, I'll leave some links for you in the description. They're pretty funny. That is cool. Let me show you where it is on the map. So, I'm at the Nuka world power plant. Poor guy. Well, let me just take that Nuka-cola from you, though. Alright. I love these little easter eggs. Developers surely had too much fun with those. Oh, I see a marker right over there. We're going the right way. Okay. So, we probably want to go down. Let's just see what's over here real quick. Probably nothing, but you know, might as well just double-check. Okay, let's head over there. There it is, there's the button. All right, sweet! Well, let's check out what we got before hit it. Hi there! I think that's Cappy. 


Nuka world power plant quest

Oh, sweet! Where did Cait go? Did I lose Cait? ...There you are. Sweet! That's gonna make for some good recipe items. Did she get it? ...She did. Oh, it was a good little stash there. Okay. Before we turn this on, let's see what this says. Might be able to slip in a few extra cool factoids. "Spooktacular" Ha-ha Well, there's a possible little factoid for you. So, they're talking about breakers here being tripped. So, that most likely means they're talking about circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are actually an interesting device. They're switches designed to protect both, people, and the local grid system from accidental overload. So, a circuit breaker will detect an electrical anomaly, and then automatically switch off. Unlike a fuse that usually burns out, and has to be replaced. 

Nuka world botting plant power

Seems like a modern invention, but circuit breakers were actually invented by Thomas Edison. Even though fuses became more popular for half a century. Most likely because they made more money off fuses since you needed to replace them, and buy more. Interestingly enough, Fallout 4 features both, circuit breakers and fuses in the game. Which was totally realistic for the period. Let's keep going... Ha-ha! "Vomit on exposed wiring" "...splash guards" Okay. Well, here's another cool little factoid. So, 'REDACTED' here means a form of covering up sensitive information in a document. Happens most often in classified government docs, but can happen in corporate documents too. Like, if this was printed out on paper, it's usually seen as a blackened block over the information meant to be kept secret.

 Power plant Nuka world

 I guess on these old monochrome screens, they could just type out the word 'redacted' Also, PORV is actually an acronym for a pilot-operated release valve. I don't know how game developers expect the average game player to know what some of this stuff is. You know? But hey! Good thing there's a Skooled Zone, right? So, PORV is meant to be a safety measure to release pressure in the event of an overload in a gas, or liquid field machine. Sometimes, this can be automatic. Other times, involves a hand crank. If any of you guys have seen my Far Cry 5 trivia walkthrough series, there are several missions where I had to release crank valves to prevent an explosion, or to start one. Okay. So, we are about to flip the switch. You know what I'm gonna do, actually? Just in case it lights everything up really nicely, we want to see this on a clear night. So, I'm gonna sit in this chair until the weather clears, which for you guys will be just in a snap. Let's see if four hours will do it. ...It did. 

Where is the power plant in Nuka world

Awesome! All right, that'll make for a nice little display. Assuming there is one. Lights! Sweet! I knew there'd be some lights. Awesome! Oh, and fireworks! Killer! It might even make for good thumbnail. They could have added a few more colors, Come on! That was pretty awesome, though. Okay. So, looks like we completed... Look at that, everything here's lit up as well. Awesome! Enjoying yourself, Cait? Oh, look at that, I missed those.

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