The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Whatsapp Privacy Update 2021

Whatsapp privacy update 2021

 Hello to everyone. You know that yesterday there was a news about Whatsapp. With this news, those who do not share their data with Facebook ... It has been said that they cannot use Whatsapp. Many users who heard this news. Worried that if I did not approve the contract, I would not be able to use Whatsapp.

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Whatsapp Privacy Update 2021
WhatsApp privacy update 2021 

Let's take a closer look at this news now. This legal agreement is valid from 8 February 2021. According to the statements made by Whatsapp, they stated that they prepared a new confidentiality agreement in order to make data exchange with Facebook more easily . At the same time, as I mentioned before, it was stated that those who do not share data cannot use Whatsapp. 

Until February 8, 2021, a confidentiality agreement will come to your phone, ie in-app notification . If you approve it, you will continue to use Whatsapp. If you do not confirm, you will not be able to use Whatsapp from February 8, 2021 . All in all, we see how problematic Facebook is with user privacy . 

Therefore, users do not want to share their data. If you approve this confidentiality agreement, if you share your data except Facebook, it is open to other companies to share your data . 

What data does Whatsapp collect from users? 

If I talk about it briefly; Your account information, messages, links, status information, transaction and payment data, customer support and other communications, device connections, location information, information that others provide about you, i.e. information provided by a third party. user complaints and businesses, such as third party service providers.

 It has the opportunity to access many data. As of this morning, Whatsapp started to send a new agreement notification to users . "Whatsapp is updating its terms and privacy policy" Here says; "Important updates contain more information about" "How to store and manage whatsapp chats of businesses" How the services hosted by Facebook are used.

How we work with Facebook to offer integrations in Facebook company products? 

If you say accept, you accept the contract that will come into force on 8 February 2021 and you can continue using Whatsapp. Well, I do not want to accept this contract? 

Which applications can I use in case of Whatsapp cancellation? 

I will talk about 5 alternatives to Whatsapp. You can see it on the screen now. I will talk about the Telegram application. Telegram is a messaging application that many people know and use. Recently, a very popular application Telegram is also a big rival of Whatsapp.

 It is used for both Android and IOS. You can use it in PC / MAC / LINUX. You can also use it for MacOS, ie Macbooks. Why Telegram? They mentioned it briefly on their page. It has been grouped under main headings as simple, confidential, synchronized, fast, powerful, open, secure, social and impressive . 

It has a simple interface. If you switch from Whatsapp, its interface may seem a bit cluttered to you. After using it, you get used to the interface. It includes voice and video calls . You know our other application, Viber. Many people have heard it. For those who haven't heard, Viber is an app that allows you to make phone calls . Messaging options are also available. "Free and secure calling and messaging for anyone, anywhere" You can make voice and video calls. Group chats and calls. 

Stickers and gifs are available as on Whatsapp. Finally, you can use it on mobile and desktop platforms. You may have the opportunity to get information from various news sites, which we call communication. There are also games in the application. If you are bored, you can relieve your annoyance with the games in Viber. 

 This way has an advantage. Our other alternative application "ICQ" ICQ has also come to mobile platforms in the past years. ICQ comes as a direct rival to Whatsapp. You can have conversations open to unlimited participants . You can also make video calls by connecting up to 50 participants . There is a field in the app called statuses. You can update your status screen just like in Whatsapp. 

You can send "Push to Talk" voicemail when you don't have time. You can switch from phone to computer with fast synchronization method between devices . You can get up to 25 thousand participants in groups. You can send, delete and edit messages. You can send photos and videos without compression. You can write bots and APIs just like Telegram . 

You can make texting more fun by typing bots yourself . As a disadvantage; Because the file size of the application is too high, it can inflate the amount of ram in the background over time. It may cause you to spend large amounts of data. It may not work effectively on low performance devices. 

When we look at another application; There is a BIP application that we call a local initiative . 

An application released by Turkcell. It is a very popular application during the release period. With the updates coming in recent years, the BIP application has been improved considerably. It has messaging feature in every language. With the latest update. Thanks to the translation feature of BIP , you can have the opportunity to talk to many foreign people by performing translation . Communication is also available in emergency situations.

 You can send your location information to the people you want to reach with a single click from the BIP. HD video calls up to 10 people. There are many services in BIP that will make your life easier. Just like with Viber, but more advanced than Viber , you can access a lot of different information such as information from various news sites, various games and exchange rates . 

You can also transfer money with the latest updates. The BIP application was developed by Turkish developers as an alternative to Whatsapp . 

Our other application; The "Google DUO" platform developed by Google. The DUO platform is not used as a messaging app. Only video calls can be made. You can make your video calls with the other party in HD . As I said, there is no messaging application in it. If I briefly talk about other alternative applications; "Skype Lite" application developed by Microsoft . "LINE". "Threema Messenger". "Signal". 

You can also use applications such as. If you have other alternative applications in mind, if you specify them in the comments section , you will allow other users to benefit from these applications. We talked about Facebook's sharing about Whatsapp . We also talked about what alternative apps you can use.

So, this is the Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Whatsapp Privacy Update 2021.

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