How to set up company email on gmail?

How to set up company email on gmail, here is step by step guide.

How to set up company email on gmail 2021?

Hello, In this Blog we will discuss step by step method of how to set up company email on Gmail. So, let's go.

How to set up company email on gmail?
How to set up company email on gmail?

Do you have a business email? Do you know how to make one? Well, if you're interested stick around this detailed step-by-step tutorial about how to set up company email on Gmail because that's what we're going to cover today.  

So the very first thing I recommend you do is go over to Google domains or and purchase your website name or your business domain name over there. 

Now, most of the domains over there are only $12 a year which I absolutely love about Google domains So you're probably only going to pay one dollar a month for this domain name, you can link it right to your website wherever you're hosting that and then actually linking it up to create a business email is completely free to do. 

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Steps for how to set up company email on gmail? 

So without further delay let's get into the blog tutorial on step-by-step creating this business email Okay, so this is going to be a really important part right here and this is creating an email address that you can use that ends with @ whatever domain name you just purchased.

 So this is really important for your reputation and looking professional with your service business and I'm going to show you how to do it for free So once you have the domain name purchased and I'm just going to use one that I own for example here then come down to email and it's going to offer that you can pay something around $5 per month for Google to do this for you, but speaking from experience I'm going to show you how to do it for free.

 It's just a couple extra steps, so the very first thing we need to do is put in your name right here and then @ whatever domain name you have, and then where you're going to forward that too? so what this is going to do is create an email forward, and you can create up to a hundred of these. 

So we'll put in your name here and then where it's going to send to, and this is going to be your email address. 

Now I recommend if you don't already have a Gmail account then I recommend you google Gmail and this is Google's email provider and just go over to Gmail and create an email address there because then you can download the Gmail app on your phone and you can easily receive emails and send emails from the address that we're about to create and that address is your name @ that domain name.

 So once you've entered your name here and then that Gmail address where it's going to send to then just click 'Add' Then there's just one more step So as far as we are right now we can put this email address anywhere This can go on business cards, this can go on your website, and people can email this, and it will forward that address to your email, However, we need to set up the feature where we can send from this email address as well So right now we can receive them, we just can't send emails from this address. 

So once you have this set up then we need to come over to our Gmail account and we hit the little Settings icon right here and then we hit accounts, and import, and we click add another email address.

 Now go ahead and type in what that email addresses that we just created over here and then make sure that this is turned on 'treat as an alias' and this means that it's going to be shown as this address but behind the scenes, it's going to be sent from our Gmail account. 

 So once you've typed this into here, that's good Just make sure that the name is how you want it to show up when you send it from your business email so, Do you want it to be your first and last name? So, Do you want it to be your first name and then @your company name? However, you want to set that there, I've done that both ways for different businesses, but that's up to you. 

But once you have these two sets here and you have this turned on then we hit the next step and this is where a lot of people get confused.  

So this is how we want to do it here So a couple of things, we're going to change the domain name that it set right here to Gmail so we have We'll switch the port over to 465 and then this is going to be the username for the Gmail account So the actual email it's going to be sending from not this one over here So make sure that it's actually the Gmail account that we're logged into in the background here and then the password to that Gmail account and then keep this set on SSL and just hit add an account. 

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Easy as that and then all you'll have to do is hit verify address and it'll send an email to this email which will forward back to your Gmail and you'll get an email that pops up right in your Gmail account or your Gmail app and that will have the pin that you can verify this account and in this way, you can receive all your business emails at this email Id, and you can send them through the Gmail application. 

Just make sure that when you're sending the email over on Gmail, you're switching who it's being sent from, from your standard Gmail over to your business Gmail So that is an essential step if you need to re-watch this lecture to make sure you get all the steps in order definitely make sure you do that. but then you will have a professional email account that you can use to receive emails and send emails for your service business and all completely for free.

 Alright, guys, that's it for this How to set up company email on Gmail?



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