Top 3 best tablet for nursing school {2021}

In this blog post, I'll be covering my top 3 recomendations on best tablet for nursing school that you should have as a medical student in 2021.

In this blog post, I'll be covering my top 3 recommendations on the best tablet for nursing school that you should have as a medical student in 2021.

 Let's get into it. All right guys, welcome to another Blog post and Today we are talking about tech and specifically the best tablet for nursing school and which ones you need on the medical journey. 

Do you even need them and which ones I recommend if you choose to buy one?  Today I wanna talk about the best tablet for nursing school and medical school which one can buy. 

Specifically, you know, are they effective? Are they useful? Should you have one? And if so, which ones are the best ones? What do you do if you're on a budget? Things of all those sorts. So let's get into it.

best tablet for nursing school
best tablet for nursing school 2021

What are the three best tablet for nursing school in 2021?

So the first question is, "Do you need a tablet in medical school?" And the short and simple answer is it really depends on how your institution uses technology. If they're not integrating using tablets already, then it's not necessary by any means.

And instead, I would recommend maybe consider getting one during your third or fourth year of medical school. So this was a gift given by my mother-in-law and my father-in-law that I used during my rotations and this is the iPad Mini and we'll talk about that in this blog post.

But it was great because I could put it in my white coat pocket to easily refer to things, have books on them. And to read during some downtime. 

But I didn't really use a tablet during my first two years, so for me, it personally didn't make sense to have a tablet in medical school earlier on. 

But obviously, if your institution does quizzes or, you know, give a lot of their notes electronically, then maybe you could use a tablet like this one or one of the other ones we'll talk about to take notes. 

And in that case, I do think it would be an effective resource to buy early on and something you consider being an investment. 

So do I recommend a tablet? Absolutely, I think it's obviously effective for your third and fourth year of medical school where you can be carrying around a lot of books or a backpack, a rotation.

 But if your institution also allows it and kind of conforms with it, then I recommend just getting it at the start of medical school. 

That way you can just kind of keep it all the way through 'til the end.

 Now in terms of what the best tablet for nursing school is, we're gonna talk specifically about three in this blog, but if you want a full list I'll go ahead and link down a blog post where I give you even more breakdowns of all of the different tablets I will mention here.

Different features, as well as cost and price and links so you guys can check them out. That will be linked down below. 

Best tablet for nursing school in 2021 ( My own Experience)

My number one recommendation for med school in terms of tablets, and is just because this is what I use and I found it to be super effective. So this is the iPad Mini and I believe this is a generation four. But it's been a while since I've gotten it. 

And this is really what I found all I really needed. I can take notes on this. I can write with a digital pen. I have all of my apps on here, including famous things like "On Key." 

As well as things like "Up to Date." Journal of medicine, different podcasts I listen to, as well as different apps that I've just played around with to help me learn things, like X-rays or EKGs.

And the best thing that I've mentioned about this is that it's just so compact. It's very nice.

It could fit into the majority of white coat pockets, it can actually fit into some of those softshell jackets, into my pocket.

And so on days when I was a medical student where I would just wear my nice softshell with my name on it, I looked super cool, I could actually fit this into my pocket.

So the portability of this really made it huge. Another thing that I really love about an iPad Mini is that the battery just tends to last forever.

You know, right now I think it's about 10% and I haven't charge it in about 10 days.

So this gives you an idea of how long you can make your battery last. Even with automatic use.

And while I love using it just as a tablet and my keyboard functions that come built into an iPad are really easy to use.

You know, if you wanna buy an external keyboard and essentially make it a mini-computer, I've seen a lot of classmates do it and it works really well when you're taking notes in class.  

This is my number one recommendation if you are looking for the best tablet for nursing school in 2021.

Best tablet for nursing school students in 2021

Now getting into tablet number two and this is one that I really did consider getting initially before I was gifted the iPad Mini. And that is the Microsoft Surface

Now there's always gonna be new generations. So I'm just gonna say Microsoft Surface.

This is probably the best combination in my opinion between a tablet and a laptop.

So if you're somebody who really just wants something that's easily portable, has a pen functionality to be able to write your notes in, as well as a nice, functional keyboard that you can go at and type notes in class.

I think the Microsoft Surface is one of the best products out there.

It's a little bit pricier, especially compared to the iPad Mini but I'll put a link down below because again as I mentioned, you're kind of getting the best of two. And it is one of the best-recommended products for medical school because it is really a two for one. 

Now if you look across a medical school campus or electro hall, the first thing you're gonna see everyone has is a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. That's just because Apple rules the universe when it comes to products.

But when you look at probably the next most prominent thing, you'll start to see people who have tablets and the Microsoft Surface is one of the more popular ones that students will use. The Surface Pro has a few things going for it. 

Number one reviews for students is it's very user-friendly, two, it's Windows. So if you're not somebody who's familiar with the Apple IOS software, kind of operating system, then going back to Windows and having a tablet that uses it very well, built by Microsoft themselves. I would highly recommend it.

 And similar to my iPad Mini, the battery life on these Surface Pros is also amazing. Going anywhere to about 10 hours with a video playing, they're all gonna get better with new additions.

And personally, if I didn't have my iPad Mini and I didn't have my current laptop, which I'll mention in a different blog, this is probably the tablet that I would end up buying.

The one thing to understand, as well as the amazing two-for-one, it's still not compact enough to fit in a white coat pocket. This is why I still prefer my iPad Mini. And for your upper-classmen that will be using this kind of on your rotations. 

This is my number two recommendation if you are searching for the best tablet for nursing school in 2021.


What is the best tablet for the nursing student in 2021?

And lastly number three, we have to talk about the vehement in the room which is the Apple iPad Pro, which completely changed the game. 

It actually came out a little bit towards the end of my med school experience.

So personally I didn't get enough exposure to it. But it is the closest competition that I can see to Surface Pro.

Something kinda having the tool features on both the tablet, as well as the laptop and Apple making the product is just so effortless to use and the IOS system.

It's definitely one of the most attractive products, especially if you are somebody who wants to use the Apple pencil. And specifically, take your notes on one of those apps like Notability and have those beautiful notes that you see all over Instagram.

In addition to the Apple pencil, you have a beautiful 11-inch screen, which I'm not surprised if Apple goes ahead and makes it even larger.

With beautiful retina display. So everything you're gonna do, it looks perfectly crystal clear. And despite the amount of technology and specs that you get with the iPad Pro, the battery life is still comparable, if not even better than my iPad Mini, which again, I haven't charge this in like 10 days.

So if you're an Apple lover who really wants a tablet that's a little bit closer to the laptop system and obviously you don't wanna go to the Surface Pro and switch to Windows, I think the iPad Pro would be a good option for you. 

And  I do see more and more institutions adopting more digital forms of education and learning environments where they either will give you a tablet as part of your tuition. "Part of your tuition." Or they will require you to have one that is compatible with the different programs that they use.

 And I know it may seem like initially, you're spending more and more money when medical school is already expensive, to begin with.

But research does show that if you tend to use a tablet and your institution adapts to digital forms of learning, those students end up doing better.

I think it's a little bit of just being more efficient as well as having so many cool tools and apps and videos at your disposal instead of all of the notebooks that you probably will have when you go through four years of medical school. 

This is my number three recommendation for the best tablet for nursing school in 2021.

 So if you guys are interested and you want me to make a review on the best tablets for medical students on a budget, you can let me know in the comment section down below.  

 That's pretty much it for this detailed blog post about the best tablet for nursing school, guys. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it, hopefully, you can understand if a tablet is for you. 

I personally loved using mine, especially towards my latter years of medical school. 

I recommend it if you're somebody who kinda wants to have their tech close to you and not wanna have a heavy backpack with a laptop and a charger and all that jazz. 

That's basically it for this blog. 

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Thank you guys so much for reading this blog post on the best tablet for nursing school, hopefully, been a little help to you on yours. I'll see you guys in the next one, peace. 


What is the best tablet for nursing school?

Apple iPad Pro is the best iPad for nursing school students in 2021.

Is it worth it to get an iPad for nursing school?

No, you should go for iPad pro if you are a student of nursing school.


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