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Stand by Me Doraemon 2 (Hindi Dubbed)
Download Stand by Me Doraemon 2 (2020) Hindi Dubbed HDRip 720p [Hindi UnOfficial Dubbed] | Full Movie Free| Watch Stand by Me Doraemon 2 Full Movie Online!

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
Genre: Animated | Comedy | Drama
Stars: Bakarhythm, Shihoko Hagino, Shin’ichi Hatori
Language: Hindi (HQ Dubbed)
Quality: HDRip | 720p

Stand By Me Doraemon 2 Full Movie In Hindi Review:

Doraemon, along with Donald Duck, is one of my favorite childhood characters, and of all time and it's no wonder, due to his numerous inventions and charming adventures. It should be a no-brainer to consider ''Stand by Me: Doraemon'' as one of my all-time favorite films. 

After all, it compiles some of Doraemon's best stories, right? YOU COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG!!! After watching it, I was disappointed. 

Not only because the trailers promised me a feels festival, and that millions of Japanese cried with the film. 

But this movie also pales in comparison to moments that were previously seen in the series this movie is based on. 

Anyway, let's start the review if you wanna know more about what i mean. But before all of that, allow me to complain about the HORRIBLE casting choice of these two pieces of shit... the dubbers of adult Nobita and Shizuka for my country, Spain!!

 Gorkan: ''DAMN YOU, SPAIN!'' Not only are they your everyday celebrity guests that hog the role from talented voice actors... ...but on top of that, adult Nobita sounds like the junkie Nobita from Calico Electronico! Not to mention that adult Shizuka sounds older than what she looks like. 

STORY Like i said before, this movie is based on the following episodes from Doraemon... (EPISODES: From a distant future, An egg for Shizuka, Goodbye Shizuka, Romance in the snowy mountain, Nobita and Shizuka's wedding, Goodbye Doraemon & The return of Doraemon) ....therefore, if you've seen them, you probably haven't missed anything new here. 

But for those who haven't seen Doraemon, i'll give you a brief and simple sum-up of what's it all about... Basically, the show is about Doraemon, a robot cat from the future, sent by one of Nobita's great-grandchildren. order to improve his life, as well as helping him prevent the problems that not only will ruin his own life in the future... ....but also his family's life, as well as its many generations.

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 Unlike the anime and manga, at first Doraemon doesn't even want to take care of Nobita... ....and believes helping him won't do any good. But if you thought Doraemon was an asshole here... is NOTHING compared to what Sewashi did. ...who heartlessly forces Doraemon to look after Nobita, implanting a program in his nose and basically tortures him physically.. ....just in case he wants to do something against his program.

 That wretched little detail, completely RUINS any chance of this movie being salvageable! Not only is it way too cruel towards Doraemon, but it also goes against the show's nature! Yeah, yeah, you can try and defend this garbage saying stuff like... ''IT'S A REBOOT, AND REBOOTS ARE DIFFERENT!'' Or.. ...''BUT IN THE ANIME DORAEMON IS STILL FORCED TO LIVE WITH NOBITA!'' But at least, in the anime, despite being forced to look after Nobita, he genuinely wanted to help him... ...and even Sewashi treated him with respect as if he was part of the family. ''DUH, BUT IN THE ANIME THERE WAS EVEN MORE VIOLENCE!'' Let's see, let's see, let's see... Granted, the anime was violent. But at least it was moderated, and it's either caused by the villain to wreak havoc... ...or Doraemon and Nobita were asking for it. 

This is a disproportionate attack by comparison! And it gets really ugly when you find out that in the anime and manga.. ...robots are treated as equals, and have laws to not be mistreated, much less exploited as slaves! Something I also find illogical is that in the anime (the movie*) Nobita just blindly accepts the fact that Doraemon and company come from the future. In the (actual) anime, he at least questions if they're really from the future... (The first time he sees Doraemon and Sewashi, of course) Not to mention the neighborhood folks... ...who get surprised when they see Doraemon's inventions in action for the first time. 

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Unlike here, where they accept it like it's nothing! Damn it, even the parents are surprised when Nobita presents Doraemon to them! Having finished this part, let's move on with the scenes based on ''An Egg for Shizuka'' and ''Goodbye Shizuka''.. ...which, as far as their fidelity goes, i have no complaints. But here is where the biggest problem in the whole fucking movie begins! And it's that in these scenes they're rubbing it in our faces that Nobita shouldn't depend on Doraemon so much... ....that he must depend on himself, that just with Doraemon's inventions he won't achieve anything for himself...

 That just with Doraemon's inventions, he won't impress anybody, in spite of how much he uses those inventions.... a completely not subtle, and poorly executed way. I'll analyze this in detail when I get to the final part... Continuing with the scenes based on ''Romance in the snowy mountain'' and ''Nobita and Shizuka's wedding''... ... I'll just say that I thought they were too rushed. 

What's special about these two episodes, is that they took their time to explain everything... ...but here they added the both of them in such a forced and rushed way, like: ''Well, I've saved Shizuka, let's go to the wedding!! It doesn't matter that the future might drastically change!!''

 Although to ''Snowy Mountain'' 's credit, they at least tried to make Nobita more likeable than his anime counterpart... I remember very well that his anime counterpart only wanted to save Shizuka only to get her away from Dekisugi, who already saved her. 

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What an asshole. Anyway, we get to the final scene of the movie, and of course, Doraemon has to say goodbye to Nobita... ...because he thinks he's mature enough and--- WHAT THE FUCK!? It's all because that shitty program forces him to do so!? Congratulations! You just ruined a heartwarming moment with that bullshit program!

 Anyway, that just happened...Nobita fights ''Gian'' (Gouda) and wins... Some days go by, and it's April Fools... I remember, that in the anime, ''Gian'' was such a motherfucker, that he fucked with Nobita's feelings... not just tricking him, but also having Tsuneo disguised as Doraemon, and made him believe that he really came back... ...and laughing to his face. 

And here, what pretends to be the most depressive Doraemon movie ever...whar do we have? ''HEY NOBITA, I SAW DORAEMON!'' ''NO, WAIT, I LIED. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!'' ''DON'T BE OFFENDED, IT'S APRIL FOOL'S DAY!'' Yes, i know Nobita isn't the sharpest one in the group.. (Note: for some reason, the manga chapters look like thei have a more rushed plot than in the anime and OVAs) ....and this is also seen in the original manga, BUT COME ON!!! 

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You promised me that i was going to be emotional and depressed, yet you're not doing anything... ...other than copying and pasting. Well, anyway, i don't have much to say about the rest. In the end, everything's alright, Doraemon returns and everyone lived happily ever after... Can i start with some issues already? Let's start with the big one, gentlemen: First of all, it's the fucking moral. Or better known as ''How to rub it in your face that Nobita will no longer need Doraemon at some time'' That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for two issues:

 First, most of the movie bombards you in the face with the motherfucking moral... ...and how does Nobita solve his problems throughout the film? EXACTLY! With Doraemon! Secondly, yeah, i know it's the original conlusion of the manga, that was originally made to be continued...

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 But holy fuck, do i feel that 1-hour bombarding like a kick to my balls, Continuing with the subject, i cannot believe they destroyed Nobita and Doraemon's relationship in such a fashion. Yes, i know Nobita isn't the person that treats Doraemon the best, but at least there, their friendship was genuine.

 Here, it feels like their friendship is forced by the program. And yes, i know i am hammering the fucking point about the program... ...but what am i gonna do? It doesn't feel natural and it looks too forced to be true! And last but not least....i know this is a reboot, but according to me, there are three things a reboot must do right. 

First of all, it doesn't add anything to Doraemon's extended universe. No new perspective, no new subplot, no new shit, no universe expansion... I know deviating from the original essence is bad, but what's even worse is copy-pasting everything from the manga... ...and adding some crappy details people won't notice to make it look brand-new, and all that.

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 It's not better than the original content and it doesn't do improvements to make it stand out. 

And third, is that rather than an independent film, this feels like a compilation of the best episodes of the series! Just add four bits of bullshit, and you have your movie! God, if it's cheaper to just download the episodes this movie is based on from YouTube, and you practically delete... ...the title screen and commercial breaks, then it's practically the same thing! But what i simply cannot forgive this movie, is that it has decieved me! How, do you ask? Well, it's simple: They announced it as the series finale. 

Yeah, it's all cool, the series is going to end, and there won't be more shit after this... But don't worry! Thanks to our friend, fucking Status Quo, the series doesn't have to end! We can still sell crappy toys to the poor little kids! We still have the 2005 remake! We can release more movies that have no relation to the plot! God, if they really wanted to end the series, they would've gone with a very different ending! 

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What about that flash animation made by fans about Doraemon running out of batteries... ...Nobita finally grows a pair, and thanks to his determination to save Doraemon, working day and night to find a cure for him... ...before his memory erases.

 And thanks to his efforts, he finally gets Shizuka and manages to fix Doraemon. God, i know it might sound unrealistic, but it's a more satisfying ending than this piece of shit, that pretends to be... ''THE SADDEST DORAEMON THING EVEERRRR. RIGHT IN THE FEEEEEELSSSSS'' ART DEPARTMENT About the art department, there isn't much to say, really... The 3D looks nice, but only in the backgrounds. The characters, except for our dear Doraemon, feel really weird. It's a strange mix between hyper-realism and cartoony. 

It just feels weird. As for the sound department....well, just a tiny nitpick. This movie is also supposed to make us feel emotional when remembering Doraemon It's all nice and dandy, but there's something missing... Something that I've seen in almost every existent Doraemon film... It's very characteristic, you just need to think... Oh, right. 

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The motherfucking opening theme! The movie's original song might sound pretty and all that shit you may swallow... ...but I think a sad remix of the original intro would've fit this movie like a ring, and much more fitting than that new song... At the end of the day, it's just another sad attempt at reliving our childhoods, and it's very mediocre. 

Maybe some Doraemonfans might like it, but I think a real wouldn't. After all, it's the same story... ...and for a show that has been on the air for a really long time, I wouldn't have seen it enough times already. Overall, I'm giving this movie a 4 out of 10. 

Despite having vented out with this movie. (4/10, disappointment from the future) In spite of having openly vented out with this critique... ... I don't think it deserves a lower score, objectively speaking. 

And well, that's pretty much it.

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